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Losing Weight is Difficult

Have you tried everything, but nothing has helped? It's not your fault. Let a specialised doctor or advisor tell you why.

Prof. Dr. Sharma, auf Adipositas Behandlung spezialisierter Arzt.

Why Losing Weight Is so Difficult

From a biological point of view, our bodies perceive weight loss as a threat. And it tries to protect us from it. So you might feel less full after eating. Or you'll suddenly start burning fewer calories because your body has switched to standby mode.


of people who lose more than 5 kg, put the weight back on. 1


of people with obesity think they have to deal with it alone. 2

For almost ⅔ of people with obesity, talking to their doctor about weight management leaves them with a positive feeling.2

1) Studie DEGS1, Erhebung 2008-2011, Robert Koch-Institut (2014).

2) I. D. Caterson FRACP: Gaps to bridge: Misalignment between perception, reality and actions in obesity (2010).

A woman living with obesity is propping herself up on her knee
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Effectiveness of the Various Treatments for Obesity

Various factors can influence weight loss to different degrees:

  • lifestyle changes including diet and exercise:             -3 to -8%
  • medication in combination with diet and exercise: -8 to -16%
  • surgical procedures:                                                  -20% or more

Jensen MD et al. Circulation 2014; 129:S102–38, Courcoulas AP et al. JAMA 2013; 310:2416–25

Losing Weight with
Medical Advice

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Losing weight is difficult. But with the right help it is possible. Seek advice from a specialised doctor or advisor in obesity care and weight management. They will explain your treatment options and work with you to create your own personal plan.
  • Specialised

    Find doctors with experience in treating patients with obesity.

  • Individual

    Compassionate advisors in obesity care who will talk to you as an equal.

  • Individual

    We focus on your needs and goals.