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I'd be interested in my views, not in my appearance.

People with obesity are often stigmatised. This could have consequences for both their health and their interaction with society. You can get support here.

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Why We Need to Get Rid of Prejudice

Looks, comments, stares... bias against overweight people is deeply embedded in our society.

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of people with severe obesity and a body mass index over 40 have already experienced discrimination.1

81% of overweight people think that weight loss is only their responsibility.2

1) Weight-based discrimination: An ubiquitary phenomenon?, in International Journal of Obesity doi: 10.1038/ijo.2015.165

2) R. Puhl & C. Heuer: The Stigma of Obesity: A review and update. Reviews Epidemiology/Obesity 2009, 941-961.

Looks, comments, stares... bias against overweight people is deeply embedded in our society. For those affected, dealing with the feelings associated with this is no easy task. Because they can quickly lead to self-criticism. Both physical and mental health is affected. Take action! You no longer need to feel ashamed.
Melanie and two friends on a walk
"I would like to get some respect from society!"
"Because living with obesity is hard enough. What people living with obesity need are treatments that suit them individually and for people to do away with prejudice, superficial understanding, stigmatisation and denial of the disease."

Melanie, living with obesity

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Learn how to calm your mind, reduce stress, lose weight and find renewed motivation. Experienced, specialised doctors or advisors can help you with this.
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