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Eine junge, adipöse Frau blickt strahlend und optimistisch in die Zukunft.


Together we are looking for a path that can help you take control of your weight and follow your own journey to a healthy future. Discover a range of treatment options and connect with doctors and advisors specialising in obesity. Let's get started together.

You're in the right place! And you're not alone.

You do not have to deal with everything on your own. Obesity is an illness that is affecting more and more people in Germany. There is not just ONE single reason for excessive weight gain.

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Around the world


people are living with obesity1


adults are living with obesity in Germany.2

Today, every second adult in Germany is overweight. 2

  1. 1) World Health Organization, 2016.
  2. 2) Robert Koch-Institut "Übergewicht und Adipositas in Deutschland" 2013.

More about weight and obesity

Prejudice continues to exist and people often put being overweight down to nothing more than a lack of discipline. But this isn't the case. Genes, hormonal fluctuations triggered by puberty, pregnancy, menopause or even trauma can be responsible.

Take the time to work out the causes. Set yourself goals, find your individual path and gain renewed motivation.

While a healthy diet and regular exercise are the most important factors in weight loss, there are other measures such as medication, prescription apps that track your lifestyle and surgery that can also help. Let's work together to look for your right path. You're not alone.

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Please note that the ranges are based on adults, 18+, and will not give an accurate BMI for children.

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How about starting off with a conversation? Whether you have a simple question, need new motivation or are looking for a detailed consultation - a specialist doctor or advisor is there to help you get to your healthy weight.
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